Not all memory foam mattresses are made the same. With widely varying levels of mattress thickness to choose from, it’s important to decide just how much memory foam is right for you.

Memory foam quality affects comfort, but the thickness of the foam in your mattress can also change how it feels. Contrary to what you might expect, mattresses made with more memory foam are not necessarily softer. The thickness of memory foam has more to do with how your body is positioned over the support layers of the bed, and whether there is enough material under the compression of your body to preserve comfort. Thicker is not necessarily better, but there are some guidelines to follow to make sure you have enough memory foam for a great night of sleep.

How much Memory Foam Goes into Mattresses?

The thickness of memory foam in a mattress ranges widely by retailer and model. At the lower end of the spectrum, mattresses may be as thin as 6”. On the other hand, some mattresses are packed with more than 13” of foam.

How much Memory Foam is Right for You?

In general, there are three considerations when deciding how much memory foam you need:


In general, more memory foam means a higher price tag, particularly if the mattress model uses high quality memory foam. Still, some reasonably priced mattresses with less foam layer different densities of foam for optimal support and comfort. Novosbed offers excellent value for their high quality, thickly layered memory foam mattresses.

Body weight

Memory foam is responsive to compression, which means it conforms to your body. To conform properly, the foam must be thick enough that you do not “bottom out” on it. In other words, there should still be plenty of soft material under you after your body has compressed the mattress. For this reason, people with an above average BMI with more overall body compression may feel more comfortable and supported on a thicker mattress. Even those with a lesser BMI reading should steer clear of beds with less than 8” of foam.

Personal Preference

Personal preference is often the deciding factor in how much memory foam feels comfortable. Sleepers who prefer memory foam beds often enjoy the gentle “hugging” feel of the material. This is why it’s important to buy a mattress with enough memory foam to enfold your body.

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