Election Exhaustion Leading to Better Sleep?

Only 24% of Americans are still experiencing election-related sleep problems compared with almost 40% two weeks ago.

That’s according to a new sleep survey by mattress brand Novosbed.com.

“Just before the third debate we observed that many Americans were experiencing severe election-related sleep problems. We’re happy to report sleep problems are down by 30% five days before Election Day,” says Jack Woolings, Marketing Manager of Novosbed.com. “But, it’s lopsided – survey data shows that women and undecided voters still aren’t sleeping as well as their male and minds-made-up compatriots.”

Of the XYZ voting-aged Americans surveyed, 25% of women and 40% of undecided voters still reported major sleep disturbance. The survey suggests there’s worse to come, with 25% of respondents expecting to lose sleep if their candidate loses the election.

Women’s and Millennials’ Sleep More at Risk After November 8

Although they reported having 10% fewer nightmares than two weeks ago, women respondents were 13% more likely than men to expect onset of further sleep problems if their Presidential candidate loses the election.

Millennials fared worse: more than 26% anticipated they would suffer significant sleep loss if their candidate did not win the election.

Election-Related Sleep Loss: A Leading Indicator for Black Friday Sales?

Overall, 17% of respondents claimed they will spend less money on Black Friday because of the election. Americans who reported having lost sleep, however, were twice as likely to have rethought spending on the Thanksgiving weekend. More than 30% of undecided voters indicated they will change their spending habits for Black Friday.

The 2016 US Presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 8. No matter who wins, you can sleep well on a new Novosbed memory foam mattress. Visit www.novosbed.com for more information.

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