Sleep Survey Reveals Americans Losing Sleep Over Presidential Election. 

Almost 40% of Americans are Losing Sleep to the Election

A recent sleep survey conducted by, a leading online mattress brand, revealed that 38% of Americans have lost sleep over the election. Another 28% have experienced a dream or nightmare about the election and the coverage of the presidential debates.

“We’re in the business of delivering good sleep and, after several members of our team reported having had dreams about the election following the last debate, we wondered if the election was affecting the broader population in the same way. We were astonished to find that more than a third of Americans had lost sleep over the election.” says Sam Prochazka, CEO of

Women More Likely to Have Had Election-Related Sleep Problems

Overall, women were 22% more likely than men to have lost sleep and 10% more likely to have had a dream or nightmare about the election.

Women older than 35 were 43% more likely to report lost sleep than men but, interestingly, only 6% more likely to have had an election-related dream or nightmare.

Election Nightmares Correlate with Watching Debate in Bed

More than 50% of respondents watched the last Presidential debate in bed. Interestingly, of all debate watchers in the survey, those who watched it in bed were 30% more likely to report sleep problems.

Overall, those between the ages of 18 and 24 were most significantly impacted by sleep loss and nightmares, and also very likely to have watched the debates in bed.

Millennials’ Sleep is Hardest Hit

Respondents under 35 years old were 37% more likely to experience nightmares than their older compatriots: 42% of millennials experienced sleep loss and 35% experienced nightmares.

The next Presidential debate is on Wednesday, October 19. It can be watched in blissful comfort on a new Novosbed memory foam mattress, although the survey data suggest you may want to keep politics out of your bedroom. Visit for more information.