About us & legal disclaimer

Who is Best-Mattress-Report.com?

We are an intelligence and market research site based on data. We are owned by Novosbed Inc., an online memory foam mattress company. Employees and contractors of Novosbed are involved in data collection, processing and presentation on this website.

The mattress data is unbiased. We do not modify it, nor do we modify the means by which we collect data from different sources.

Why Collect and Publish This Data?

First, we use this data to make sure we offer the best product and service in the business.

Second, we believe the information presented on this site could be useful to help you in your purchase decision.

We have been collecting industry data from external sources & surveys since 2009 and have used it to guide our product development, warranty periods, sleep-trial duration, returns policies, and customer service practices.

How is data collected and processed?

Novosbed Inc. does not create any of the data on the site. All data is collected from competitor sites, competitors disclosures on third-party sites, review sites, affiliate sites, and online retail sites (including Amazon). This externally sourced data is presented in articles posted on this site..

In some cases, we use data gathered from surveys conducted by Novosbed.com.

The sources of, and method by which data is processed is always disclosed in each article.

Where do the opinions come from?

Some articles contain opinions as to which product or company has performed best in a specified category. This is a subjective judgement based on what we feel is most beneficial to a prospective buyer from the research obtained. Our opinions and judgements are always clearly labeled as such.